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Photograph of Manasa Originally from Hyderabad, I grew up in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Chennai is known for its rich culture, and being the go to place for Carnatic music, music has always been a part of my life. I grew up listening to my mother, who is a professional Hindustani classical singer. My father is an avid listener and loves all kinds of classical and light music. My younger sister is an accomplished singer having performed in many state and national level music programs and on television. My husband shares my interest in music and loves all kinds of music. It gives me immense joy that my 5 year old daughter shares our musical interest and will be learning to play the violin this year, along with learning music from me.

I began learning Carnatic music since I was 6 years old under various talented musicians. I was a part of the music group in school, college and at work and have recorded a few songs in a professional studio setting. My interest has, for the last few years been largely light music, but I have lately started catching up on classical music as well.

During my leisure time, I love to paint and do freelance web designing.

Having lived in Switzerland for the last 5 years, I have begun to enjoy its peace and quiet. However, during my last visit to India, I was rather surprised that apart from the fact that I missed my family and actually living there, I also missed listening to the morning Suprabhatam, and bit and pieces of Carnatic and film music in the background at different places during different times of the day. It struck me how we take all this culture that is part of our daily life as granted, but crave for it once we are not in India.

Living in a country like Switzerland has many advantages, but most children find it difficult to accept, appreciate and embrace our rich Indian culture. Though we speak our native language and serve traditional food, how do we get them to realize that they belong to a larger community? I believe that Indian classical music can be a wonderful medium to help them understand that there are many more children like themselves and to help them connect with each other and their rich background. This thought led to the creation of Dhwani, which I hope can be helpful for Indian parents like myself and for anyone interested in learning Carnatic music.

Please feel free to get in touch with me for more information and do spread the word!

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