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Just as everyone's capabilities are different at each age, classes are customized based on the age group. Each class typically consists of a small group of 2-4 students. All materials needed for the classes are provided. Audio recording of the classes are made, for practice and review.

Ages 6-9 (Group Ragam)

For young children, the class is fun and interesting. Short songs and Bhajans in addition to their Classical music lessons.

Ages 9-15 (Group Tanam)

For older children, basic music theory and Bhajans are taught, in addition to their Classical music lessons.

Ages 15 and above (Group Pallavi)

For adults, music theory in detail and complex Bhajans are taught in addition to the Classical music lessons.

Light music classes are taught with or without Karaoke music. Students learn to listen to minute details of the song and also learn to improvise and add their own style of singing.

Class structure

Typically, classical music lessons will start with learning to identify the shruti (pitch) based on which the rest of the composition will be based on. Then we will move on to learning the swaras which are “sa, ri, ga, ma, pa, da, ni” followed by practicing different permutations and combinations of the swaras and will progress to simple Geethams and varanams (songs).

In light music classes, you will learn how to reproduce the original song with the correct tune, rhythm and pronunciation and to add your own improvisation.


Classes will be held once a week per batch. Please get in touch with me to schedule sessions.


First trial session Free
One time registration fees CHF 20
Subscription of 10 group sessions CHF 100
Subscription of 10 semi-private sessions CHF 150
Subscription of 10 private sessions CHF 300