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useful online resources

Online shruti box

You can listen to various scales of Shruti here.

Online tanpura

You can listen to various scales of Tanpura here.

Introductory videos about Indian Classical Music

Anuja Kamat - A very interesting YouTube channel that covers the basics of Indian Classical music by Anuja Kamat.

Carnatic music resources

Karnatic - All you need to know about Carnatic music. This website has audio lessons, lyrics for Carnatic songs, bhajans, and many more.

Jart studio gallery

Jart Studio-Gallery is an international art studio based in Baden. it specializes in art classes for childen and adults. The teaching and education approach is interdisciplinary and holistic.


EvoKids™ is a multicultural creative learning center based at two locations, Zurich and Baden. Evokids aligns their school’s mission with individual needs of families looking for a bilingual (German/English) in a caring and learning environment, for their children on a daily basis.


Taking its steps into the world of digital magazines, continnect aims at ‘connecting continents’, taking you on a journey- around the world through the eyes of women. Each month, continnect will bring you a collection of stories and tell you about women explorers, about women who are inspiring others every day.